Hurricanes and Tropical Storms in our Recent Past

street flooded
Royal Street in Mobile flooded from Hurricane Katrina surge.

These tropical systems have impacted the News 5 area in the last generation. Some made a direct hit with tremendous consequences, while others passed to our south or arrived as downgraded systems. Many had effects only felt in a portion of our area whether it was surge, tornadoes, flooding, or high wind. Most of the dates listed are for landfall while other dates may be for when an inland storm moved into our area from the west or east. The hurricanes listed in bold, are plotted on the map.

2012, August 28, Hurricane Isaac

hurricane tracks
Recent hurricane tracks for the central Gulf Coast.

2011, September 4, Tropical Storm Lee

2009, November 10, Tropical Storm Ida

2008, September 13, Hurricane Ike

2008, September 1, Hurricane Gustav

2008, August 23, Tropical Storm Fay

2007, September 21, Tropical Depression 10

2005, August 29, Hurricane Katrina

2005, July 10, Hurricane Dennis

2005, July 6, Tropical Storm Cindy

2005, June 11, Tropical Storm Arlene

2004, September 16, Hurricane Ivan

2002, September 14, Tropical Storm Hanna

2001, June 11, Tropical Storm Allison

1998, September 28, Hurricane Georges

1997, July 19, Hurricane Danny

1995, October 4, Hurricane Opal

1995, August 3, Hurricane Erin

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