False McGowin Shop Rumors Cause A Stir

False McGowin Shop Rumors Cause A Stir (Image 1)

From the air, you can see there’s tons of room for everyone at McGowin Park. That’s Costco in the upper right hand corner. Many buildings are under construction, but there are several plots left empty and ready for potential.

When we saw the list Friday morning, we couldn’t believe our eyes. So many great stores that would certainly put Mobile on the map. Stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom Rack and Trader Joe’s, and restaurants like Buca Di Beppo, J. Alexander’s Steakhouse, Bar Louie, BJ’s Restaurant and Jamba Juice. You can imagine our disappointment when we found out the information was from a bad source. But look how excited people get when they saw this list…

“Amazing! Awesome!”

“Dave and Buster’s would be really cool.”


“Dave and Buster’s is like a Chuck E. Cheese for grownups!”

“It could be a great idea.”

“I’ve got a Dave and Buster’s card in my wallet. Can’t use it until I go out of town. I have to spend money to go to spend money to play.”

“Nordstrom Rack, I love their clothes.”

“Trader Joe’s, my daughter talks about that in Birmingham all the time, Nordstrom yes.”

But how great would it be if these retailers and restaurants heard about how excited we got about this list? Would it be enough to make them want to come to Mobile Alabama? That’s what some are hoping.

“These national and regional retailers, they test the market, they see how much interest there is in each individual market, that’s one of the factors they consider in making the decision of whether they come to that market or not,” says Real Estate Attorney Doug Anderson.

And it certainly couldn’t hurt showing these retailers how much we would love them coming here. We’re actually hoping to post this story on the Facebook pages of a few of those retailers, hoping they’ll consider coming here. We have been told that some of these places on this list have been contacted but we don’t know which ones and nothing has been confirmed. Hopefully we’ll have news for you on this front very soon.

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