Enforcement Officers Now Patrolling Gulf Shores Beaches

Enforcement Officers Now Patrolling Gulf Shores Beaches (Image 1)

Now patrolling the beaches in Gulf Shores.

“We’re beach enforcement officers,” says officer Logan Davis.

Four, full-time officers are now on the job through the summer.

“We’re looking out for glass or tent violations or dogs or anything that seems unsafe,” says officer Dante Matthews.

Tents too close to the surf seem to keep them the busiest.

“I always wondered why everybody put ’em so far back but never knew that you couldn’t put ’em closer,” says Richard Lawrence as he is moving his tent.

They are also trained in self defense, water rescue and CPR. “We can respond to their calls if they need help,” says Davis. “We can be first responders until police can arrive.”

They can’t arrest you but they can give you a ticket that could land you in front of the city judge. “If someone don’t want to do it, they don’t feel like they should respect us, that’s mainly when we do it,” says Matthews.

The Beach Enforcement Officers patrol the beach from Little Lagoon Pass all the way to the state park pier. They add an extra layer of support for the lifeguards and police already patrolling the beaches.

“I think it’s great,” says Lawrence. “The more people you got watching the less people get hurt.”

For these officers this is more than just a summer job. “I dream and aspire to be one of the finest one day,” says Davis. “This is an exciting opportunity.”

“I feel like I’m important,” adds Davis. “I feel like I’m out here helping people and keeping the place I love clean.”

The new officers have been on the job for a week. They began Memorial Day weekend and will continue through Labor Day.

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