Here Come the Mosquitoes

Here Come the Mosquitoes (Image 1)

We’ve seen a lot of rain so far this Spring.

“We kind of did,” says Rachel Beck with the county health department. “We had so much rain early in April and we were all just kind of inside you know holding out and when the rain stopped a couple of weeks later the mosquitoes came out in big number.”

With all the rain this week, a new crop of mosquitoes could be closer than you think according to Beck. “This time of the year when it’s so nice and warm outside it only takes them a week to ten days.”

Mosquitoes are more than just annoying pests. They can carry diseases like malaria, yellow fever and encephalitis.

Standing water is a mosquitoes friend but it is also the best place to make a dent in the population.

“If you have an area on your property or around your home that holds water and is not caused by some containers that you can just dump it’s maybe a low area, we do have some mosquito briquettes that we give out to the public,” says Beck.

Mosquitoes are a natural part of life along the Gulf Coast and while we can’t get rid of all of them you can control them.

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