Austal by Air

Austal by Air (Image 1)

We’ve shown you the footprint Airbus has at its soon to be completed facility at Brookley Field.  But there is another industry that has steadily grown in the past few years into one of the nation’s leading shipbuilders.

Austal employs about 4 thousand people.  That’s evident by seeing the the shear number of cars in their parking lots from the air. 

The company builds futuristic looking aluminum ships for the Navy.  The tri-maran Littoral Combat Ship, and the Joint High Speed Vessel.  All of the parts for those ships are fabricated on sight, then moved to Austal’s final assembly bays along the Mobile River.  There are 4 of them.

Just last year, Austal dredged out what has to be the biggest boat dock along the river, at a cost of $40m.  It allows the company to keep newly made ships out of river traffic while finishing up the construction process ahead of delivering the ship to the Navy. 

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