A Splash of Rain for Saturday

A little bit of rain returns to the area for Saturday.  About 20 percent of the area has the chance for showers and thunderstorms today as highs get into the upper 80’s.  Tonight, some showers will linger as lows reach near 70 degrees.  Sunday may be a bit drier but a few isolated showers are still possible for during the afternoon.  Less than 10 percent of the area will have the chance for rain while afternoon highs reach near 90 degrees.  Monday will follow with a few more showers but still only about 20 percent of the area will get the chance for rain.

Tuesday and Wednesday will depend on how the remnants of Erika track.  Erika weakened to remnants of a tropical system after it brought heavy rainfall to eastern Cuba Saturday morning.  Erika was barely a tropical storm as it made landfall on the island nation.  Strong wind shear in the region and high terrain weakened the storm.  The remnants are likely to move northward towards Florida.  The remnants could reform over the open waters of the eastern Gulf of Mexico but for now the National Hurricane Center has stopped advising on it.  However, the western side of the Florida Peninsula should still prepare for heavy rain and gusty winds as the remnants pass by.  The central Gulf Coast is not expecting any significant weather from the leftovers of Erika.