Sunny Cool Days, Starry Cold Nights


I’m forecasting sunny, cool days and clear, cold nights as far as the eye can see…and it couldn’t come at a better time: Mardi Gras!

Wear a good, thick jacket this morning–temperatures start near freezing and wind chills are in the 20s.  High today 55 under blue skies with a north breeze.

Tonight brings the Mystical Order of Mirams to Orange Beach, the Maids of Jubilee to Fairhope, and the Crewe of Columbus to Mobile.  Parade temps start in the mid 40s under clear skies.

Weather looks great for the MOTs Saturday, Joe Cain Day Sunday, Lundi Gras Monday, Fat Tuesday, and Ash Wednesday.  Highs stay in the mid 50s through Monday and cool to around 50 for Mardi Gras Day.  Lows stay in the 30s each night.