Cooler Air Returns

A Cooler Day
With a North Breeze

This morning starts off with a few clouds and even a few sprinkles.  A cold front is moving out of the area this morning gradually bringing us cooler temperatures for the weekend.

Sunny skies this afternoon will be cooler than the past few days.  Highs today will only reach the upper 60’s or near 70 along the beaches.  A breezy north wind will bring in the cooler air today.  It is also much drier air. Dewpoints will fall into the thirties so it will no longer feel humid.  If you’re headed to a Mardi Gras parade this afternoon, you’ll likely want pants instead of shorts and maybe a light sweater too.  Still grab the sunglasses and sunscreen!

Temperatures will fall quickly this evening.  If you’re headed to a parade, temperatures will be falling through the 50’s so bring the jacket.  The good news is it stays dry.  The rest of the night follows with clear skies as temperatures reach upper 30’s by morning.

Tomorrow remains sunny and dry with an easterly breeze.  Afternoon temperatures will only reach the mid 60’s.  That means you’ll likely want long pants instead of shorts and a sweater for Joe Cain Day festivities.  Rain returns Monday and it looks like Monday and Wednesday will be the wettest days of the week.  Neither day is a washout but expect scattered showers and bring the rain gear for any outdoor plans.  Tuesday, Mardi Gras itself, will have a few showers.  The best chance of rain will be for our inland communities but even the coast could see a few sprinkles.  Otherwise it’s a warm Mardi Gras with highs in the mid 70’s.

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