Thursday Thunder, with Downpours and Heat

For some of us, today was a wetter day than in the past. Before the rain started, we simmered in the middle 90s. Mobile reached a high of 96 and Pensacola reached a high of 98. Scattered evening thunderstorms continue to drift southward. Expect a few showers and thunderstorms overnight too. Lows will stay in the middle 70s with a light north wind, so any thunderstorms will drift toward the coastline.

Tomorrow keeps some of the cloudiness we had today. Nonetheless, we’ll still get into the lower or middle 90s before the downpours become too numerous. In the morning and midday, there will be isolated showers and thunderstorms. The wet weather increases in the afternoon to cover about half the area. Some thunderstorms could be strong with isolated wind damage from straight-line wind gusts.

Friday and Saturday will have rain coverage each day a little lower- between 30% and 40%. They will be more typical of late July days with highs in the lower 90s. Sunday should have even less rain but there will be some thunderstorms.

As we move into August, we’ll start watching the tropics more closely since tropical weather tends to increase in late summer.