More Dense Fog Tonight. More Heat Tomorrow.

Travel Fog Tonight
Travel Fog Tonight

Thursday was a day that put many of us in the upper 70s. Inland counties had communities in the lower 80s.

Tonight are mild in the middle 50s but we we get foggy. There’s a DENSE FOG ADVISORY for the entire area until 9am. Visibility could get dangerously low in spots so be careful on the roads, whether you are driving or walking. Watch out for obstacles and leave extra space between you and other vehicles. That means leave a little extra time to travel too. After morning fog, we’ll brighten up tomorrow and see temperatures soar toward 80. Tomorrow night has a cold front moving through. That means showers while you sleep and then a wind shift early on Saturday.

Saturday will also be sunny but a north wind will keep us in the upper 60s. We get a brief chill on Saturday night with lows in the upper 30s. Sunday keeps the golden skies. Highs on Sunday hold in the middle 60s.

We’ll warm for Monday and Tuesday back into the middle 70s with half cloudy skies. On both days, there will be a few showers, over about a quarter of the area.

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