Not Much More than a Sprinkle

Thursday Travel
Thursday Travel

Late tonight and tomorrow, something may occur that has not been seen in weeks- rain. Don’t get too excited. If any of it hits the ground it will likely be brief, isolated, and not enough to even soak in. While overall chances are low, any wet weather would be more likely closer to the coast.

Tonight has us in the lower 60s. That’s average for late October. Tomorrow has sun and clouds and only a handful of showers over a limited area. Highs hold in the lower 80s. Winds stay light from the southeast.

After tomorrow we get a bunch of sun all the way into Halloween, with lows around 60 and highs rising back into the middle 80s. We’ll certainly end the month warmer than average.

It’s looking more likely that many of us will end the month without any rain. There have been Octobers without rain in the past but that doesn’t make it any better!

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