Less Thursday Thunder

Thursday Travel Weather
Thursday Travel Weather

We had a great variety of clouds today, but not too many gave rain or thunder, compared to the last few days. We look forward to a relatively quiet evening and day tomorrow but that’s all relative. We’ll get wetter again, moving into the weekend.

Hurricane Gert is a category 2 heading northeastward in the north-central Atlantic without striking any land or islands.

In the far eastern Atlantic there are several tropical disturbances- routine for mid-August. They are moving westward and one in the next 5 days may become a tropical depression, approaching the Caribbean. There are no signs of any being a threat to us at this point. They are just too far away.

It’s mid-August and we’ve got humidity and daily downpours. That shouldn’t surprise you. No major weather systems pass through so expect the thunderstorms to flare each afternoon, almost randomly. Nights will be generally quieter and less wet. Winds stay out of the west or southwest.

Rain coverage tomorrow is typical of summer, near 30%. It rises to 40% on Friday and then 50% on Saturday, before diminishing to 40% on Sunday and then 30% on Monday.

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