Find the Umbrella, Turn off the AC

Wednesday Forecast Map
Wednesday Forecast Map

A cold front is moving through tonight. We start with a southerly wind that keeps us humid and mild but by daybreak, many of us get a northwesterly wind. It won’t be too strong. The blanket of low, gray stratus clouds hangs around through tomorrow.

We may pick up a tenth to a quarter of an inch of rain before sunrise on Wednesday. Greater rain amounts will be along the coast where you may get up to an inch by tomorrow afternoon. While the morning rush hour looks wet for half the area, the rain moves eastward, through the Florida Panhandle in the morning, and tapers from west to east in the afternoon.

East of I-65, you may still rise into the middle or upper 60s but to the west of I-65 your temperatures stay steady or even fall into the upper 50s during the afternoon. All of this will follow the eastward motion of the cold front.

Tomorrow night takes us into the lower 40s. That means expect a crisp, fall-like start to Thursday. The nights that follow will dip into the upper 30s as we approach the weekend.

Thursday through Sunday look dry with highs near 60 on Thursday, slowly rising into the middle 60s on Sunday.