Outstanding Parade and Planet-Viewing Skies

Planet Gazing
Freeze Tonight for Planet Gazing

Another night gives another freeze. For communities north of I-10, look for upper 20s tonight. Closer to Highway 84, you’ll dip to the middle 20s by sunrise. Winds will be gentle from the north under twinkling stars.

Just before sunrise, for the next week, you’ll have great opportunities to see 5 planets in the predawn sky. Here’s how to spot them.

After sunrise, we’ll watch temperatures rise to the middle 50s. Some clouds will float through an otherwise sunny sky. Winds will be very light, from the northeast.

Tomorrow night puts us back just below freezing again, but we head right back to the middle 50s on Sunday afternoon.

Typical highs this time of year are in the lower 60s so we’ll run about a half dozen degrees cooler than average. It looks like mid 50s through Monday and then colder, lower 50s on Fat Tuesday. Dry weather stays through the middle of next week with more light freezes for Monday and Tuesday mornings.