TD 9 Moving Slowly

TD 9 2pm Monday
TD 9 2pm Monday

Tropical Depression 9 is in the Gulf off the western tip of Cuba. It has weak wind circulation and not a very strong structure. It will move farther westward into the Gulf and then likely become a minimal tropical storm later today or tomorrow.

Because there is Tropical Depression 8 between the Carolinas and Bermuda, whichever becomes a tropical storm first would get the next name on the list. The next name is Hermine and that name is followed by Ian.

Whatever name TD 9 gets, it will most likely move slowly for the next day, turn north, and then turn northeastward in the Gulf. At what point it turns controls how long it takes before landfall and how close it may get to the News 5 area. On the current track, we should have little problem here in the News 5 area, beyond dangerous surf and rip currents. It’s a system we still need to watch because it could take a slower turn which would put it in the Gulf longer, and potentially create a landfall closer to our area.

Right now, landfall could be anywhere from central Florida to the Florida Panhandle.

Most of the week will give us a northeast wind. We’ll still keep afternoon thunderstorms over less than a quarter of the area, with high temperatures in the lower 90s. Nights will be calmer with lows in the middle 70s.

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