Middle 90s for Tuesday

You may have noticed slightly lower dew points today. It wasn’t dramatic but it helped to offset our high temperatures. The dew points were even lower in the air aloft- that’s why we did not see a lot of big clouds and thunderstorms.

Yes. it’s been a long hot stretch. Even though our average highs for July are in the lower 90s, today made 22 days in a row above 90 degrees and most of those days have been hotter than average. While the dew points were down just a little today, it was still hotter than average.

Tonight is mostly clear and quiet with only an isolated thunderstorm possible. Lows linger in the lower 70s.

Tomorrow should be like today was- bright skies and rapidly rising temperatures. Expect middle and upper 90s with not much wind. There will be a very few thunderstorms in the middle afternoon but most locations will not get rained on.

We’ll be just as hot on Wednesday with a little more in the way of routine afternoon thunderstorms. Thursday into the weekend put afternoon temperatures down a bit, in the lower 90s, but that’s average for this time of year. Afternoon thunderstorm coverage will be between 30% and 40% for most of those days.