PM Thunderstorms this Weekend

Weekend Beach
Weekend Beach

We enjoyed an even mix of sun and clouds and some of us enjoyed brief downpours and photogenic skies. Most of the few showers and thunderstorms we’ve had fade early tonight.

Tonight then gives mostly clear skies, with a shower possible. The odds of getting wet are very low. Lows stick in the middle 70s with a light southwesterly wind.

Tomorrow has sunshine and medium-sized clouds. Expect pop up showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon to cover a quarter to a third of the area. Highs reach the lower 90s. Winds will be out of the southwest.

That’s the pattern that holds for Sunday too- sunshine, clouds and passing showers and thunderstorms, with some communities being a little wetter and others a little less wet.

No problems or concerns in the Gulf or Caribbean. There is a tropical disturbance in the far eastern Atlantic but it’s no issue for our region.

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