Clouds and a Cool Breeze Stay for Sunday

Still Gray Sunday
Some Showers East

We just can’t seem to shake the clouds that have kept us cool with a chilly north breeze for the past few days. Unfortunately it now looks like today will be no different. Temperatures will struggle to get into the lower 70’s if cloud cover persists, which is likely. There are many places that may not even reach the 70’s. And it’s not just the cloud cover that influences our weather today. We actually get a few showers in the eastern areas, like the Florida panhandle and areas due north of it. Rain chances along the Gulf Coast remain low, only about 10 percent. Tonight is another cloudy, breezy night with lows near 60 degrees or in the upper 50’s.

Some sunshine may be able to grace us tomorrow but don’t get overly anxious for this. It may only be a few peeks of sunshine as the storm that has kept the East Coast and Southeast cloudy slowly pulls away. Highs will likely be in the 70’s but if we get enough sunshine, some places may near 80 degrees. Sunshine should finally break through by Tuesday and last for the rest of the work week. This will return our temperatures back to more seasonable values with highs in the lower 80’s. The weekend brings the next rain chance.

Hurricane Joaquin is a category 2 hurricane as of late this morning.  The storm will still be strong as it clips Bermuda’s western side.  It will continue to weaken as it moves northeast thanks cooler waters and more wind shear.  Joaquin could become a tropical storm by Tuesday evening.  The track should stay well east of an already rain soaked East Coast.