Dry Weekend with a Quieter Gulf

A Few T'Storms
Mainly Dry

The Tropics:  There is a lot of activity spread throughout the Atlantic but nothing will be impacting our weekend.  First, the most concerning is Invest 99, which is just a disturbance that computer models are ‘investigating’ on the northern edge of Cuba.  This disturbance (cluster of thunderstorms) is not likely to form into a tropical system in the next five days.  It has a 40 percent chance of forming after it moves northwest of Cuba and past the southern tip of Florida early next week.  It is something to watch but not something to worry about for now.

Remember that Gaston also lives in the middle of the Atlantic.  Gaston is likely to become a hurricane as it meanders through the central Atlantic, far from any land.  There are two other disturbances in the Atlantic Basin but both of these have very low chances of formation and would not impact us along the Central Gulf Coast.

This weekend’s weather will be spectacular for late August!  Expect sunny, seasonable weather with a few afternoon clouds and thunderstorms.  Rain chances will be only around 20 percent today which is lower than average.  Most likely place to see rain would be along the Mississippi coast.  Tomorrow has a 30 percent chance of rain while the weather remains seasonable.  It’s a great beach weekend, just watch out for a breezy east wind and remember that sunscreen!

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