Summer Weather for August’s First Weekend

Tonight has a full moon that may be partially hidden at times by clouds from the scattered thunderstorms that formed mainly in coastal counties. It’s the second full moon of the month so it’s called a blue moon but it’s not blue. Read more on why it’s called a blue moon. At 4:30 am, if clouds allow a view, you’ll see the International Space Station appear in the north-northwestern sky, and take a 6 minute journey, ending in the east-southeastern sky.

An isolated thunderstorm is possible tonight, especially near the coast. Somewhat drier air is trying to move in from the north so low temperatures tonight will be in the lower 70s. Closer to the I-10 corridor, you’ll still feel muggy middle 70s.

The weekend keeps the pattern of mainly afternoon thunderstorms. Tomorrow, they’ll stay mainly east and south of I-65. That means expect scattered thunderstorms along I-10 and the beaches, and in the Florida panhandle. Rain coverage in those spots should be around 30% or less.

Sunday will be similar, although scattered showers and thunderstorms will move a little more into the inland counties, in the afternoon.