We Trade Summer Rain for Summer Heat

Wednesday forecast headlines include less rain, more sun, and higher heat.

Showers and thunderstorms will move in on the sea breeze.  Scattered showers develop late in the afternoon and some folks may hear a rumble of thunder.  Rain goes away after sunset.

Leakesville will be the warm spot at 96°, with Grove Hill and Evergreen not far behind at 95°.  Temperatures will be closer to 90 along the coastline, and Mobile will be in the middle of things at 93°.  Heat index will be around 100 this afternoon.

This would be a good day to have the News 5 free weather app.

In the tropics, we’re watching tropical waves moving off the African coast in the far eastern Atlantic.  One of those waves has a small chance of developing into a tropical depression or storm in the next five days.  Just wanted you to know we’re keeping an eye on things.

Beach forecast is for 1 foot surf and a low risk of rip currents.  Slather on the sunscreen!

Extended outlook is for typical summer weather over the next few days, perhaps with warmer than average temperatures.  There’s a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms and forecast today and Thursday, dipping to 20% Friday and bouncing back with 50% on center.  Highs stay in the low and mid 90s.

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