Calmer Weather now but Thunderstorms Return

It was a stormy midday. A cluster of thunderstorms moving southeastward sent out a strong line of gusty wind that raced to the coast. Recorded reports range from 48 mph to 52 mph. In between, you can be sure there were higher gusts.

The transition to July brings no changes in the forecast. Every day there will be thunderstorms. Every night, expect a few thunderstorms. It’s no more or less what is typical this time of year. Also typical is the difficulty in predicting the timing and location more than a few hours in advance. That all means stay updated to changing weather and use your free News 5 weather app to see where the heaviest rain is, along with any watches and warnings.

Lows hold in the lower and middle 70s. Afternoon highs reach the lower 90s, unless you get a lot of midday rain. The general trend is to see more pop up showers and thunderstorms develop from late morning into mid afternoon, and then diminish in the evenings, as we go through the weekend.