Cooler Air Moving In

Forecast headlines:

Clearing Skies – The lingering clouds and one or two showers we have had this afternoon we move out this evening

Cool Temperatures – Tonight will be one of the coolest nights we have seen in a while, but we stay aware from jacket weather

Warm air returns soon – As quickly as the cool air arrived it will be moving out.

A lot of folks that needed rain were able to get some rain last night and throughout the course of today. The bulk of the rain was with a line as a cold front moved across our area.

Temperatures compared to yesterday have been steadily around 10 to 15 degrees cooler since the cold front passed. This will shape up for a rather cool evening.

The cold front that passed now is well to our east and we are left with the northwesterly winds typically associated with the passage of a cold front. Temperatures across the southeast have clearly marked where the cold front has been and areas in Mississippi and Tennessee have been in the 50s for much of today.

Our forecast tonight will see gradually clearing skies as the cooler air continues to work in. Any chance of rain will be gone by mid evening tonight. Tomorrow and the next few days will bring plenty of sun. However, the cold air won’t last. Tomorrow we keep northerly winds, but the winds will go to the south Monday night into Tuesday and that will set the stage to allow the warmer temperatures to come back.

Highs on Tuesday through the rest of the upcoming week will be in the lower to middle 80s with minimal rain chances.

Beach Forecast for Tomorrow:

NW winds at 10-15 mph, 1-2 ft surf, Low rip current risk, water temperature in the middle 70s.

Marine Forecast:

Breezy, NW winds at 15-20 kts, 4-6 ft seas, Choppy becoming Mod Chop in coastal lakes and bays.

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