Fourth of July Fireworks

Happy Fourth of July! Unfortunately the Fourth of July fireworks displays today won’t be the only fireworks we see along the Gulf Coast Mother Nature has some of her own in the forecast for the afternoon and evening. The good news is that it won’t be a washout so you should have some time to get outdoors for holiday festivities. Some spotty showers are expected through the morning and midday but the main chance for storms comes during the afternoon and evening. About 50 percent of the are stands a chance for thunderstorms today. Around the time of all the fireworks shows, there will still be scattered showers and thunderstorms so be on alert for lightning mixing in with the light show and be ready to find shelter. The chance for severe thunderstorms today remains low but some storms will be on the stronger side with damaging winds.

The chance for rain continues into Sunday. Have a backup plan for outdoor activities because of a 50 percent chance for showers and thunderstorms. This threat will last through the morning and daytime hours before tapering down at night.

The work week follows with lesser chances of showers and thunderstorms. By the mid to late work week we should fall back to a seasonable trend of small chances for afternoon showers and thunderstorms with highs near 90 degrees.