Summer-like for July’s Last Weekend

Sct'd PM T'Storms
30 Percent Coverage

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July may be coming to an end, but the summer-like weather is not.  This weekend continues the summer-like pattern with hot, humid days bringing afternoon showers and thunderstorms.  Today starts off partly sunny with clouds building into the midday.  Around lunchtime and through the afternoon, some of these clouds will produce showers and thunderstorms.  About 30 percent of the area gets rain.  During the rain, temperatures will be in the mid 80’s.  For those that don’t get a shower, temperatures should reach the lower 90’s.

Tonight has a few lingering showers as lows fall into the mid 70’s.  Tomorrow we do it all again as clouds give way to scattered thunderstorms during the afternoon and early evening.  Our chance of rain stays around 30 percent.  Things could be slightly wetter on Monday but we keep virtually the same pattern for the first week of August.

The Tropics:  We’re watching two waves that have moved off the coast of Africa and are headed west through the Central Atlantic.  Currently the second wave, the one further to the east and further from us (near Cabo Verde), is the more active group of storms.  But even this only has a 50 percent chance of forming in the next 5 days.  Even if it would form soon, it still has some unfavorable conditions to move through before reaching the Caribbean.  The other wave has only a 30 percent chance of forming in the next five days.  For now, it appears to stay unorganized but it will bring gusty winds and rain to places like the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.  All in all – nothing to worry about for our area yet.

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