Looking for the Moon and the Space Station

Half of us will have lingering clouds early tonight but at least half of them should fade away. The moon tonight will look full but the actual full moon is tomorrow night. It will be the second full moon in a calendar month so it’s commonly called a blue moon but it won’t be blue! Here’s more on moon colors and nicknames.

While you may have missed the Space Station flyover this evening due to clouds, you have the opportunity late tonight 5:23am, and Friday evening at 8:22pm. Here are the details.

Your weather- Friday and Saturday will have rain coverage each day a little lower- between 30% and 20%, with the wet weather moe likely east of I-65, in the Florida panhandle, and along our coasts. The transition into August will be typical of late July days with highs in the lower 90s. Sunday should have even less rain but there will be some afternoon thunderstorms. Nights stay in the middle 70s.