Another Chilly Night

Another Light Freeze
To the 30's Again

Get ready for another chilly night!  Partly cloudy skies will give way to mainly clear skies by sunrise.  Then, temperatures will be in the lower 30’s. Inland areas, north of Interstate 10 will fall below freezing leading to a light freeze.  Be sure to cover any cold sensitive plants.

If you are headed out early for Joe Cain day, you’ll want to have the layers.  We’ll start off chilly so gloves and a coat will be desired.  By the afternoon we’ll be in the upper 50’s, making jeans and sweater or t-shirt more appropriate.  All day it will be important to have sunscreen and sunglasses as skies stay sunny.  Winds remain light from the northwest through the evening.

It’s dry and cool on Monday with a couple of passing clouds.  Adding to the chilly will be breezy northwest winds.  Even cooler air makes it’s way to the Gulf Coast on Tuesday.  Don’t worry … this cool air doesn’t come with rain.  In fact, it shouldn’t even bring too many clouds for Mardi Gras.  After Mardi Gras we stay dry and mostly sunny through Valentine’s Day.