A Wetter Day

A Wetter Day
Rain Chance 50 Percent

Today is a little wetter than yesterday, especially if you are along the coast.  This morning begins with coastal showers and thunderstorms that will bring locally heavy rain to areas along and south of the Interstate-10 corridor.  Rain chances will be around 50 percent.  Heading into the afternoon, expect more scattered showers and thunderstorms to pop up over the inland counties.  These areas will also have a 50 percent rain chance but the timing will be focused during the midday and afternoon.

In between showers today, expect pockets of sunshine.  High level clouds keep it a bit less bright than yesterday though.  High temperatures should top out near 90 degrees.  Places that see a lot of rain will be held to the upper 80’s.  Tonight the showers fade as does the southerly breeze.  Low temperatures will reach the mid 70’s.

Tomorrow and Tuesday keep the wet pattern.  Rain chances will stay around 50 percent.  More persistent cloud coverage and showers will keep temperatures in the upper 80’s or near 90.  We may warm a little bit if we can decrease our rain chances later this week.  While it is possible, it isn’t a certainty yet.

The Tropics:  The tropics are quiet with no formations likely in the next five days.

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