Cool and Crisp Weekend

10-22 wx
10-22 wx

Fall is in the air! This morning is going to be a bit on the chilly side, so if you are venturing out early don’t forget a sweater. However, temps will climb nicely today. Highs will be mostly into the mid 70s with plenty of sunshine. It will also be breezy today with winds out of the north around 10-15 mph with gusts near 20 mph.

As we turn towards this evening it will be another cool one. Temps will fall fast. Overnight lows will be into the mid-40s! Expect clear skies and lighter winds, out of north around 5 mph.

Sunday will be a tad warmer with highs in the upper 70s with more sunshine.

This stretch of fall like weather continues into the work week, but each day will be a bit warmer than the last. By mid-week of next week we will be back to temperatures slightly above average. By the end of next week temps will be near average once again and we will see a slight chance for rain.


Tropics are mostly quiet. There is one area off the east coast with a slight chance of forming, but poses no threat to the US.


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