Daily Pop-up Thunderstorms for Labor Day Weekend

For this Labor Day weekend, we get more pop up afternoon thunderstorms. Temperatures stay steady and winds stay light from the south. Tonight has calm wind and moderate humidity. Expect just a shower or two, with lows in the lower 70s, and some spots picking up patchy fog.

Highs remain near 90 through Monday. Shower and thunderstorm coverage increases to around 40% for Sunday and Monday. Neither will be a washout. Days will otherwise be partly cloudy.

The light winds today allowed air rising over hot land to pick up a bit of a spin near the causeway at BAE Shipyard. That’s what’s known as a dust devil or a dust whirl. They form on hot days with light wind, sometimes beneath a small cloud and other times with no cloud at all. Check out this video posted to Facebook of the dust devil, and from another angle you see how small the whirl is.