Plain Gardening: Hibiscus

Plain Gardening: Hibiscus (Image 1)

Plain Gardening is back at Bellingrath Gardens this week to talk hibiscus with Bill Finch.

What used to be the Wedding Garden at Bellingrath is now called the Gazebo Garden, but Bill calls it the Hibiscus Garden because it’s overflowing with beautiful blooming hibiscus at this time of year.  In addition to fabulous, showy summer blooms, hibiscus have fun names, like the dark red Heartthrob, the splashy Lord Baltimore, Party Time, Disco Bell, Copper King and more.

Hibiscus combines well with other plants, with heights ranging from about a foot tall to 6-8 feet tall.  That makes it easy to layer your garden with things like the Bellingrath Pink (also called Alabama Sunset) coleus.   

Bill says we should use hibiscus more.  The giant blooms have a long season, and they thrive in the heat and humidity of a Gulf Coast summer.  They’ll do as well in your yard as at Bellingrath!

Bill will present a workshop on growing hibiscus during the second week of August (2014).  That takes place at Mobile Botanical Gardens; learn more at

And visit Bellingrath—a local treasure.  I usually think of azaleas in the spring and mums in the fall, but something special is going on at any time of year at Bellingrath Gardens and Home.   Find out more at

And check out Bill’s radio call-in show Sunday mornings from 9-11 on 106.5 FM.

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