Plain Gardening: Anticipation

Late May is a busy time for Gulf Coast gardens…you need to be picking, planting, and planning all at the same time!

Bill Finch of Mobile Botanical Gardens says he can barely keep up with the bean harvest:  European snap beans, Louisiana purples, golden wax bush beans, blue beans, and more are ripe and ready.  Oh, and the first tomatoes are coming in!

Flowers are lovely this time of year.  Cleomes, cosmos, petunias, and many more are in full bloom.  These are flowers that are planted in early spring and can take the summer heat, blooming well into June and sometimes July.

While you’re enjoying the garden bounty and beauty, you also need to be planning and planting for our next season: mid to late summer.   Bill recommends Cassobanana—a tropical vine.  Jing orange okra is both an ornamental and edible delight, with lovely orange pods.  Did you know that okra is a hibiscus?  Roselle is another lovely hibiscus that you can start from seed.

So keep up with the harvest, but anticipate the fall season now.

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