Bradley Byrne Joins House of Representatives

Bradley Byrne Joins House of Representatives (Image 1)

After five months, Lower Alabama is once again represented in Congress.

Bradley Byrne was sworn-in Wednesday afternoon on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Members of the Alabama delegation welcomed him. Rep. Terri Sewall, with whom Byrne shares Clarke County, provided advice.

“Representation is neither Republican nor Democrat,” said Sewall. “The issues that we talk about are for all Americans.”

Rep. Spencer Baccus mentioned and complimented Byrne’s predecessor.

“He succeeds one of our closest friends, all of us, on both sides, Jo Bonner,” said Baccus. “Although we miss Jo, we welcome Bradley.”

In a short speech, Byrne promised to avoid the partisan bickering that’s plagued Congress.

“To the members of the House, I’m ready to roll up my shirt sleeves and work with you as a problem solver, not a problem maker, as a work horse, not a show horse,” said Byrne.

Prior to his swearing-in, Byrne said transitioning into the office has gone surprisingly well since being elected 22 days ago

People have bent over backwards, from the Speaker’s office, to our local delegation, to do everything they can to make this transition, which has been pretty quick, to work and work well and I’m very grateful to them for that,” said Byrne.

Byrne was appointed to the House Armed Services Committee where he says preserving military dependent jobs at Austal and Ingalls shipyards will be his top priority. He was also appointed to the House Natural Resources Committee where he will have a chance to craft legislation involving commercial and recreational fishing and the oil and natural gas industries.

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